9 best moments from our 2016 events


Our top 9 moments from this year are…

1. Block Ness Monster
The Block Ness Monster has produced some amazing moments for us as sponsors of this epic obstacle during the 2016 season. It would also be fair to say it has also produced some of the most outstanding moments of the entire Tough Mudder season. With such great emphasis on teamwork and the inner mental determination needed to suc-seed, it is not hard to understand why the Block Ness Monster was voted the best obstacle for 2016.

One of our standout memories among so many was watching both teamwork and mental determination working in perfect harmony. A young gentleman was undertaking the 12-mile course in his wheelchair – an extremely challenging task. When arriving at the Block Ness Monster so many of us expected the team he was with to undertake the obstacle, and for him in his wheelchair to simply miss it out and wait on the other side. But NO.

With the mental will power and a truly amazing team on his side, this video some’s up perfectly what 9BAR and Tough Mudder are all about!

Watch the video hero

2. Totaliser
The iconic totaliser has made journeys up and down the country to many events during 2016, where it has aided us in our fight against bad energy. It’s high energy nature means it was always going to be a stand out activation for us, but the moments created at the cranks of the totaliser have far exceeded our expectations.

We’ve had all different types of people take up the totaliser challenge, but one of our favourites has to be from a Tough Mudder’s Facebook live. This involved a girl who had just completed the Mini Mudder, and one of the Tough Mudder team who had challenged her to the 9BAR totaliser. LIVE!!

Needless to say, the girl was triumphant. But it was what happened next that makes this moment stand out for us. As a victor, the Tough Mudder team took her to their shop and treated her to a free Tough Mudder goodie bag. The girl was so made up with her prize it reinforced with us the message of good energy, and how the totaliser has lived up to this all year long.

3. Team 9BAR running Tough Mudder
Team 9BAR over the years have become the physical magnification of what we stand for, members have represented us across such a wide variety of events. But in 2016, at Tough Mudder North West members were joined by our office team to create a Team 9BAR that stood at 20 plus, each experiencing first-hand what teamwork and pushing your mental determination is all about.
Although the run only lasted for around four hours the memories created will continue to last, and have already become a constant discussion in the office. Watch the amazing video here
We are sure like us, members of mudder legion now start most conversations with, remember at Tough Mudder when…..

4. Great Newham
At the start of the year when we became sponsors of the Great Run series, one event in their impressive calendar jumped out at us.
The Great Newham run. Yes, it was set in the iconic Olympic stadium but this was not our reason to pay this particular event so much attention.
Professor Greg Whyte OBE had just joined Team 9BAR as our amazing new ambassador. He was on a mission of his own to push Newham up the rankings for active participation. 2012 Olympics was all about ‘inspiring a generation’ however, the borough of Newham where so much history had happened in 2012, tabled as the lowest borough for participation in sport.
We had to help! Let’s create some good energy.

We searched the country high and low to find 9 people, who all wanted to get active and rid themselves of the bad energy they had become used to for so many years. Bad energy, normally sneaks its way into people lives who just can’t find the time to help good energy shine. With help from Greg, we helped these 9-everyday people find the time to train, eat healthily and bring the good energy back, needed to run the Great Newham Run.
Their success shows us that mental preparation and creating time is so important to starting your own healthy journey.

5. Great North Run
As the largest event in our long history of sponsoring events, the Great North Run did not disappoint. Leading up to the day we had heard lots of stories about what to expect, but nothing could prepare us for what the day would entail.

From Mo Farrah winning the elite race for a record third year. To Claire Lomas who is paralysed from the chest down after a riding accident in 2007, completing the course. It’s fair to say we came away with so many inspiring memories.

Our cloud 9 photo wall perfectly captured and immortalised hundreds of moments. Allowing us to have a perfect reminder of what was a truly amazing day, understanding the reason why everyone who took on the world famous race was ‘feeling on cloud 9’.

6. Great Swims
The Great Swim series was a new experience for us in 2016. However, after talking with Professor Greg Whyte who’s first love is open water swimming, we knew it was going to create some amazing moments even before we had the chance to attend a swim.

The Great Manchester swim was a standout event in the swim series, it offered swimmers a unique chance of open water swimming in the reassuring location at Manchester Media city. Due to its location swimmers were never too far from the safety of the bank, meaning that this swim, in particular, became most people’s choice for their first open water swim. Ever!

With the Super Seed squad stationed at the finish line, we were able to understand the journey each swimmer had undertook to cross the line.

7. Wrexham Fitness Festiv
From Wales to the World! For us, the community is so important, and we are so proud to be a Welsh company. It could become ever so easy for us to pay greater attention to big events in big cities. However, in order for the ‘to the world’ part to work we feel strongly that the ‘from Wales’ section should always come first.

9BAR was born in North Wales, and the Wrexham fitness festival created some of our most treasured moments of 2016. It reminded us just how great North Wales is, and allowed us to experience an event within our local community.

8. Bala Triathlon
The Bala Triathlon has been one of our favourite events for years. It is set at the beautiful Bala Lake, within the North Wales country side. It offers a unique triathlon experience for all abilities.

Team 9BAR have become a mainstay of every Bala Triathlon for years, and 2016 was no different with team members swimming, cycling, running and spreading the 9BAR good energy feeling.

9. Knowing 2017 will be bigger
With so many events this year it has been impossible to share all our favourite moments – but our 2016 has been made by each and every one of you who attended an event we sponsored.

We have had the chance to talk to thousands of people, understanding each individual journey to that finish line. We can’t wait to create lots of new moments in 2017 knowing our journey like yours has only just begun.
Let’s make 2017 great!