A day in the Life of our 9BAR Events Manager Michael


Working as the events manager for 9BAR throws up its fair share of challenges. During 9BARs super busy events season I get to visit wonderful locations all across the UK, allowing me to meet both 9BAR fans new and old.

The first Job upon arrival at any event location is set up. Although the venue is empty and it is hours until participants will arrive, I think it is fair to say, this is not the calm before the storm. Setting up often throws up the weekends biggest challenges from equipment technical set up to battling against the UK’s adverse weather conditions. It’s a good job that 9BARs are full of good energy, believe me it can often take more than one 9BAR to get me though a set up day.

9BAR bring both our X-Gloo tent for sampling and 9BAR totaliser challenge for activation. This allows the 9BAR brand to engage with each participant in a fun but personal way. Key to every event is our amazing staff, they help to makes us stand out and shout loud and proud about our fantastic products. Working events can be long days so motivating the staff is key. I need to make sure that regardless of the time the last participant to engage with 9BAR gains the same experience as the first. Allowing staff to get involved with the day not only helps 9BAR staff stand out from the rest, but keeps the day fun and interesting for all the staff allowing them to stay motivated throughout. We often have staff challenging each other on the totaliser, we have even had staff take on Electroshock Therapy during Tough Mudder events.

Making sure I work well alongside our staff also helps me lead by example. I have worked in every role during an event weekend, from chopping bars to encouraging participants on the totaliser. I have also donned the 9BAR super hero’s attire showing the staff that each role is as important as the next when making sure 9BAR get the most out of every event.

The 9BAR totaliser challenge – you have to put energy in and ‘keep cranking’ lighting up each stage until you make it to the top. Once you have experienced the challenge it becomes all about checking your time to see if you can make it on our leader board. We have had participants come back 5 or 6 times during the day to make sure they end up on the leader board. The Prize is a shed load of 9BARs after all!

With 9BAR a product that provides fantastic energy due to it high super seed content; expressing this message in a fun and memorable way is key to our events success.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our ‘Super Seed Squad!’
At a 9BAR sponsored event you would do well to miss these guys, they stand out for all the right reasons. They add that extra splash of super seed hero fun at all events, offering encouragement and support to all that take up the challenge in front of them. Our super seed heroes are the human personification of why our bars have become known as the Super hero of energy bars. We hope that both our bars and our squad help push each and every participant to finish lines across the UK.

At the end of each event the challenges faced always seem insignificant. The experience of seeing each and every participant achieve there personal goals with the aid and encouragement of 9BAR leaves me forgetting any problems faced and…
Ready to make the next event bigger and better!