One mission, rid the world of bad energy… simple right?


With this goal in mind on April 29th at the first Tough Mudder of the year, in London West, we put all our planning into action. Our journey had begun and we knew that with the mudder legion in our corner anything was going to be possible as long as we believed.

The first new acquisition to our arsenal was the 9BAR totaliser. After 2015 we felt that we needed to bring more good energy, even more fun and healthy competition to our activation area. The totaliser brought with it so many new memories during the season, bringing not only Mudders but Mudder Half’s, spectators and Mini Mudders together across the country. The totaliser has now become the iconic symbol in our fight to rid the world of bad energy, combining elements of teamwork, encouragement, and mental willpower – you have to crank it to the max to light up each stage and power up that good energy.

Our second acquisition was the sponsorship of the now infamous Block Ness Monster. This new obstacle in all its total epic-ness encompassed everything that we love about Tough Mudder and our brand. To get past the monster you must work as a team, encouraging your fellow mudders and above all else keep up that the mental willpower needed to SUC-SEED!

Motivated by the support of our Super Seed Squad, who were given the vital and rather fun job of encouraging each and every Mudder to help them conquer the Block Ness Monster…even if they had doubts. The Super Seed Squad are the human personification of everything 9BAR represents, helping Mudders with that mental battle within to get past their demons.

Our mission was simple and with the season now at an end, did we accomplish what we set out to do way back on April 29th? Well…throughout the muddy year with events spanning London to Ireland, 9BAR have been part of so many amazing moments that strongly suggest that there was not a drop of bad energy in sight.

We witnessed both the elation and joyful relief each time a new Mudder crossed the finish line as they knew they had just accomplished something that will be forever etched into their memory
The mission continues…