Ali Robinson



Middle and Long Distance Triathlon


4 July 1983

After completing his Masters in Engineering, Alistair began ‘engineering’ a full time career in cycling! He added running and swimming in 2012 to help him recover from a number of serious bike crashes (ouch!) Racing a few triathlons seemed the natural next step with Alistair deciding to pursue the middle and long distance version of the sport in 2013. After an injury during the 2014 season which meant Ali was unable to compete he is now on the full road to recovery and will be focusing 100% on triathlons in 2015.

Greatest achievement

Ali is most proud of rebuilding himself after the accident in 2014. It has taken more strength and determination than he has needed for anything else he has achieved. It will take further hard work and determination to get back to his best but he is confident along with all his other team mates support that he will soon be stronger than ever. 


Ali missed a chunk of the 2014 season due to an injury. Ali broke his back, neck and skull whilst competing at an event in April 2014. He was lucky to be alive but after months of recovery and sheer determination to compete again Ali is on the mend and has made a complete recovery from his accident. At the end of the year Ali managed his first 10K since the accident and is making good progress during training ready for the 2015 season.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Team 9BAR

“After a tough 2014 I’m delighted to be part of Team 9BAR 2015 as it adds a team element to the largely individual sport of triathlon. It’s great to share a common enthusiasm with a group of like minded athletes as we promote a product we enjoy.”

“9BAR is easy to get down when going flat out in racing and training, it keeps me feeling full and with a settled stomach. It’s an ideal snack pre-race, post-race and between training sessions, with none of the grainy sticky sweetness of other health and sports bars and peace of mind that it is a healthy natural addition to my diet.”