Charlie Sharpe

Ultra Running


Ultra Running


11 February 1989

A sense of adventure and the thrill of a personal challenge are behind Charlie’s love for ultra-running. Charlie’s first training run lasted about 400m but through hard training Charlie’s longest run to date has been 600 times further at 240km!

Charlie runs his own coaching business, he helps runners who want to hit new personal bests, want to feel stronger and achieve more than they ever imagined.

Greatest achievement

Charlie’s biggest achievement so far has been winning 35 races in just three years but the level of progress he has seen in his running since he began has been a huge personal achievement.


This year Charlie will again be competing in some challenging ultra-marathons all over Europe. He will be taking part in the Dragon Black race, a five day, 200 mile race around Wales. He is also taking part in a 78 mile ultra-marathon in Gran Canaria and the Al Andalus in Spain, a 230km ultra marathon.


Charlie’s had so many achievements in the past year it’s been hard to narrow it down to just three.

He finished first at the Al Andalus ultimate trail marathon. A five day, 230km ultra marathon in Southern Spain where competitors from all of the world take part in this memorable trail run.

Finishing in first place at the Magredi Mountain Trail 100 mile marathon which takes place in the stunning surrounds of the Italian countryside.

Charlie also placed, yes you guessed it, first place at the Apocalypse 100 mile marathon. Nestled between the Shropshire hills is Carding Mill Valley, this race tests the limits of all athletes.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Team 9BAR

“Being part of such an energetic team is awesome. Everyone is full of encouragement and support, it’s great to catch up with other team members at events and share the tales of wild adventures with like-minded people.”

“I love 9bars because they are ULTRA convenient and a reliable race day breakfast option when you are travelling to a race! Not too sweet and much tastier than any ‘energy’ products I have tried.”