Heather Martin-Dye



Running & Cycling


30 March 1981

After joining a local gym at university, Heather ran her first Race for Life 5k in 2002. After her first marathon, it took her over a year to try another, but she started running them in quick succession until she was running them every week from 2009, winning several marathons and ultra marathons.
As a result of an injury, Heather started taking part in long distance cycling events. She also cycled solo and unsupported from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. She is now also delighted to be back running again.

Greatest achievement

Overcoming major health problems and injury to now be back running and competing in the sport she loves.


  • Heather hopes to cycle her way to victory in 2014 with these events:
  • National 50 mile champs 7th June
  • National 25 mile champs 2nd August
  • National 10 mile champs 30th August


  • Focusing on marathons, cycling time trials and 200k bike events/sportives
  • Roadrunner Marathon, Abingdon Marathon, Thames Meander Marathon
  • Many other cycling time trials and 10ks, half marathons every week


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