Ian Marsden

Para Olympic Canoer


Para Olympic Canoer



Ian has already won seven medals competing for Great Britain in four different sporting disciplines. Ian has now set himself a new challenge, of winning his eight medal for Great Britain as a Para canoer.

Ian started out as able body powerlifter but due to a spinal injury he became wheelchair bound. Ian then moved onto hand cycling for Great Britain and won bronze at the World championships. Once he had won a World medal he moved onto a new sport, rifle shooting. Ian won a silver and bronze medal at world level. He then made his final sport transition moving onto his current sport, paracanoeing. Ian was selected to join the Great British team after he attended a talent day in Nottingham. He has represented Great Britain as part of the paracanoe sprint team since 2013 and attends regular training with the team, striving towards winning his next medal.

Greatest achievement

Getting selected for the Great British canoe team was a huge achievement for Ian and in 2014 Ian won gold at the European Championships in Germany as well as winning sliver at the World Championships in Moscow.

Ian feels even though he has accomplished so much his best achievement is still to come.

“9bar is full of the essential ingredients I need to train and compete at an elite level for my country. They taste great and are ideal for taking with me when I’m traveling to competitions. I feel honoured to be a part of team 9bar and can provide me with the nutritional knowledge I need as an elite athlete. Being part of a wider team who compete in numerous different sports is also great and creates a community feel.”