Want to stock 9BAR?

Simple. We’ve got several different options to get you started as well as lots of support to ensure 9BAR fly off your shelves…


World domination here we come! As a growing brand, here at 9BAR we already have some amazing partners in no less than 19 countries but we’re still very keen to build a presence in new export markets. If you’re keen to stock 9BAR, please contact us and we’ll try to come to an arrangement that suits us both.

Independent Retailer

With our major wholesale outlets, stocking 9BAR and other Wholebake products has never been easier. You can order your 9BAR from a selection of national wholesalers, many of whom you’ll probably already know. Why not get in touch and see how 9BAR can work for you?


If you’re planning to regularly purchase more than 200 cases of 9BAR and/or other Wholebake products, dealing with our in-house sales team directly is the best option for you. Contact us and get set up today.


For any other type of trade enquiry, please let us know your requirements and we can discuss your best options.