Good energy, twice means…

Energy for you and energy for others

Good energy, twice means…

It’s really very simple. Now, for every 9BAR we sell…

…with SolarAid, we’ll provide a night of light for a child in Africa.

We call it the power of seeds + the power of deeds.

Watch our short animation to see how our Good Energy, Twice initiative works

Our impact map, in real time

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How We’ve contributed so far...

  • 28,065 SOLAR LIGHTS

  • An estimated 15,000 tonnes
    of Co2 emissions averted*

  • Over 34.9 million extra hours
    study for children

  • £3.6 million saved
    Collectively by Families

  • Safer homes with reduced
    risk of fire and burns

  • Over 101,000 people
    experiencing better health

Who we’re helping…

SolarAid provides solar lights to those who need them most across the continent. The impact these solar lights make is astonishing: just one of them can save a family over £130, provide light for over 1,000 extra hours of study, and eliminate half a tonne of CO2 emissions and toxic fumes. For every 9BAR  sold, we give the equivalent of a night’s light.

Good energy, twice means…